I have outlined below the manner in which I keep and use any of your relevant data under the new GDPR regulations.

Contact information

If you contact me, either through my contact page or any other way on this site, I store your address in either my Google address book or iCloud, where my contacts are managed (they sync).  Both accounts are protected by different passwords and are sufficiently secure.

I keep contact information indefinitely, unless I am requested to remove it - I like to have a history to communications, even if there has been some time since 

I don't send marketing emails, or give out any of your contact information to any third parties unless I am specifically asked to or check with you beforehand.  For example, I get asked about bands, florists and such like so I would either give you their info (as they have agreed) and let you contact them.

I have some blog posts with downloads and they request an email address.  This is simply to check genuine identities and I may simply email to ask if you find the download useful.


Photos are stored on a drive in my office and backups are kept offsite in a locked container.  My computer has a strong administrastive password. The online gallery (password protected) that all clients have access to also can be seen as a secure backup.

If I photograph your wedding, pets, or family and would like ot use any images on this site, or in my social media, I check beforehand.  There is no blanket assumption on my part and the extent to which you permit me is entirely up to you. Rest assured, if I do ask, it's only because I am proud of my work and think you (or whoever is in it) looks great!


Without express permission you will not recieve any direct marketing from me, either in the post or email.