Wednesday Wedding Tip: Where to start...(and free gift...)

Congratulations!! You’re engaged. You must be over the moon! 

So... once the excitement and thrills have calmed down a little, being faced with planning a wedding can feel daunting. It’s a big day with family and friends and you obviously want it to be a beautiful success for all concerned, but where to start?

A date and a venue tend to need to come first - I can't help much there I am afraid...

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As a documentary wedding photographer, knowing how the day will play-out is helpful. As part of my planning process with clients, I start off with a simple timeline to help guide them through the day - it doesn’t even need to be accurate (for now).  It’s more about the gaps than the times or deadlines. The reason I have included this here is because clients have repeatedly told me how helpful they have found it.

In the early stages, it's an opportunity to identify possible pinch-points or lags in the plans.  Having been part of so many weddings now, it's always possible to make good use of time in maximising a few pockets of time here and there, ensuring we get the necassaries covered without being intrusive.  Since the vast majority of the images I'll take on a wedding day are unposed (there are always a few family shots), knowing how the day is likely to run is massively helpful to ensure the day flows yet allows enough time to fit everything in.

Start with the ceremony start time and work forwards from there thinking about journey times, reception and the food, speeches and dancing, then work back to allow for the prep, ushers lunch etc. This will give you a view of the day’s spacing & separate it into manageable parts, all of which will help you divide the day into smaller task lists - helping make the planning less daunting. 

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