Oli and Lucy

Oli & Lucy Edis

For those of you who haven't been here before or don't know me, I am a wedding photographer, based in Gloucestershire but I work nationally (and occasionally internationally) and like to ensure I really get to know a client before a wedding.  That way, I can understand their priorities and it helps me ensure that we cover the important parts of the day for them and not just fit 'the usual' set of images in.  Obviously, some parts of a wedding run similarly to the next but there is always individuality to be found and when you know who you're working for well - in my experience - it leads to a less stressful day for me as a photographer and a happier client as they get a chance to talk through what they want out of the day and the images reflect that! We sometimes end up spotting and answering questions they didn't know they had, just by taking through the day with an 'outsider' with a fresh, experienced outlook.

Oli and Lucy were relaxed, calm and a lot of fun to get to know.  They lived locally to us so meeting up was easy and we had plenty of opportunities to go through their plans and find out about them and what they wanted for the day.

Prep (Cadbury Hotel, Congresbury, North Somerset):

Lucy was upbeat and seemed unflappable.  Her friends, sister and Mum who where also with her from the bridal preparations were helping keep the atmosphere light and fun.  It is always an excellent part of the day to photograph as you can get a feeling for a Bride's level of nerves and building a rapport with the bridesmaids over the morning really helps for the rest of the day.

The Ceremony (Backwell Church):

The Reception

As with many clients, Oli and Lucy wanted to have some images of them and their families but wanted to make sure their afternoon wasn't taken up with a lengthy posed photo session.  By getting to the venue quickly, we were able to get most of the images done nice and quickly while the other guests were arriving and in doing so, we were able to make best use of time and maximise the time they had with their guests.

The reception was relaxed but a little chilly so some people chose to be in the marquee.  This is not uncommon in the UK and can give a nice variation to the images. It also meant the family shots were carried out faster as people didn't want to be left standing around - something I am eternally conscious of.  With a well planned list and names to hand - along with 2 helpful ushers, !5 minutes was all it took for the fmaily formal images and on with the party. 

The images below take you from the reception to the dancing.

Georgie and Alex

Reflecting on last years work in the first few days of the new yearis not something I often do.  Mainly because I am concentrating on the upcoming year and trying to improve on the previous and look to the next 12 months.  However (and I think this is one of the negatives of the digital photography revolution) it's all to easy to simply forget or choose not to look back at one's images.  From a professional stand point and a personal one, finding the time to do this can be extremely rewarding.

So, I decided to go back, take some time and really look through some weddings I was lucky enough to photograph in 2016, starting with Georgie and Alex.  Based in London, they asked me to shoot their wedding as Alex simply hates being photographed and my relaxed style meant he would be as comfotable as possible throughout the day.


My style and aproach to wedding photography is mostly documentary, or reportage - or whatever word is currently 'on trend' - basically meaning it's subtle, unobtrusive and as true to the day as possbible. The results are honest, emotive and authentic. I am not totally documentary type - there is always an element of family images and a few couples images but through careful planning in the run up to the big day, the impact of this can be minimised in terms of efficiency and ensure everyone is covered yet the Bride and Groom has sufficient time with their friends at the wedding reception.

The skill as I see it in photography is both in capturing things as they happen and anticipating what is to come and given noone can be everywhere at once, getting into the right place at the right time as much as possible.  Freezing a moment in time to be kep forever can be extremely powerful and in doing so, capturing a memory for a couple is both exilerating and rewarding in equal measure.  The total amount of time shown in the video below is half a second of 'moments' (from the combined camera's shutter speeds), 

- I hope you like it!