About my Photography

The ability to essentialty stop time for a fraction of a second - to capture an unrepeatable moment between two people or simply an expression is what motivates my image making..

I can't honestly say 'nothing I shoot is set-up' as some of the time, there is an element of organisation that needs to be present.  However, experience has taught me that around these, the simplest natural moments present themselves and that's where the real 'keepers' come from.

Most clients, whether they are Wedding Clients or Family Portrait Clients, have an idea as to what they are after, or what they like before the shoot starts but it's often the case that something unexpected becomes the favourite shot of the day or lasting memory.

About Me

Rupert Marlow Wedding Photography

My name - as you may have guessed - is Rupert and like most people my age, I am 34.

Photography is and has always been a love of mine. Since I decided pursue my childhood passion for photography as a career. I truly love photography and thoroughly enjoy the experiences it has allowed me to gain from.  

Since I took my first camera apart on my 7th birthday to see how it worked - much to the dismay of the lady who had kindly given it to me! I was always the one responsible for handing in 10+ rolls of film when we returned from a family holiday and, completely oblivious to the cost of development, couldn't wait to get them back to see what I had captured. I am grateful to my parents for nurturing this interest from a young age.

For me, photography is and always has been about truth and recording actual events - not about fabricating something using software and computers. While editing is an integral part of the process, capturing 'the moment' is what motivates me.